Leaders and Influencers

Individual change is difficult and very complex on its own. Everyone has a reason for digging into their entrenched points of view. As an outsider it might look irrational and even childish at times but if given the opportunity there is usually a powerful story fuelling...

June 2, 2022|

The New OVERLORD of our Minds

I grew up next to the Pacific Ocean and with that came all the folklore and stories. As a kid I could answer the 3 big questions. 1.How fast can the weather change? … 20 minutes 2. How many minutes can you survive overboard before hypothermia starts...

March 22, 2022|

Deer In The Headlights

On Vancouver Island we enjoy one of the most prolific and elusive deer varieties, the Black Tail. In my family growing up it was almost expected that any new car would be christened, like a swinging champagne bottle on a ship, with the imprint of a Black Tail...

March 15, 2022|

3 Power Character Traits

This weekend I told a story to some out of town guests about one of my college friendships and after I thought, what a mistake. The story carried a negative tone, had no redeeming qualities and was so old it had no current relevance. So why did I tell the story? When I reflect...

February 15, 2022|

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