The New Thinking Workforce

SwitchbackOS is a specialized human performance consulting firm based in the Pacific northwest of Canada, partnering with organizations around the world. In today’s crowded consulting landscape so often plagued by disconnected training initiatives, SwitchbackOS is offering a premier alternative. Advance your core culture with our custom tailored on-site training.

As experts in human performance and culture, we understand the intricacies involved in building and sustaining a successful culture. We know who we are and how our unique operating system gives your team a powerful foundation. Your people, teams and success is our top priority. We have built our reputation on our unmatched ability to ignite #newthinkingworkforces

Devoted To People

People can change – even your most difficult employees. At SwitchbackOS our commitment to people defines our culture: your staff’s development is our top priority.

Whether inspiring your top performers or building resilience and mental toughness in difficult employees we deliver measurable results.

Committed To Teamwork

Prepare to have a facilitated training experience unlike any other. Our authentic blend of storytelling and theory changes lives. Emphasizing high performance people and teams, we deliver efficiency and value through our training options, unique strategic tools and integrated technology platform. Prepare for a whole new level of teamwork.

Passionate About Culture

Our team of industry veterans are experienced in bringing culture alignment that exceeds industry standards: from the c-suite to the shop floor, sales to HR and safety management. Our passion for culture guides our process and principles. Build resilience in your people, teams and culture and watch your organization succeed.


  • On-Site In Person Group Training
  • Virtual Group Training
  • On-Site Workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Virtual/In-Person Hybrid Training
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Special Programs and Projects
  • Difficult Conversations Facilitation
  • Co-Facilitated Meetings
  • Company Communications
  • Branding Messages
  • E-Learning/Online Courses
  • Culture Support
  • Meeting Materials
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Pulse Check-ins

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Some Of The Corporations and Government Organizations
Who Have Benefited From Switchback Thinking

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“Switching on excellence in teamwork can be achieved! A common culture, shared values and effective communication can be improved or built with Steve Falk’s approach. Our organization benefited immediately after applying the principles presented, and the effects are still visible today in individual employees as well as with dynamic teamwork in the fire management environment.

The best part is that the knowledge is applicable to both professional and personal life – one reflects the other as employees grow outstanding team interaction. The results are immediate and lasting.”

Paige Boyer, Northern California Operations, Fire and Aviation Management, U.S. Forest Service

“This is absolutely outstanding training. The knowledge is immeasurably valuable for both work life and personal life. This training is easy to understand, digest and remember. I can’t express enough how tremendous and powerful Switchback is. Everyone should get this training and understanding.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Critical Incident Program Team Member

One of our clients with 100+ company and contract workers averaged 40-50 union grievances annually. After embedding Switchback culture into the operation they now average under 5 union grievances annually. The savings, lack of production disruption and team communication from this culture change translates into significant benefits for the company and crew.

Resolving Union/Management Conflicts Case Study