The Healing Journey For the Young

Can young children actively engage in healing trauma while their brains are prioritizing growth and development? I have wrestled with this question for many years.  I recently had the opportunity to spend 3 days training early childhood program staff. This experience...

January 27, 2022|

Perseverance vs Moving On

In many leaders' brains there is a turf war going on between PERSEVERANCE and MOVING ON. Perseverance is often seen like a muscle bound trainer shouting, “Never quit. Get back up. Don’t give up, your breakthrough could be one inch away.”  The...

January 25, 2022|

Music: A Window Into The Soul

In this New Year, like many of you, I’m searching for my resolution/word/target for the year. It has been a real pleasure / treasure hunt this year. I’m listening to friends' ideas, reading lots, watching interesting documentaries and commentaries on...

January 20, 2022|

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