Peer Support Transformation

I have the opportunity to connect with very interesting people. One such person has just been commissioned to advance his organization’s national training programs. Through our recent conversations, two of his idea stood out: This is my paraphrase...

December 17, 2022|

We Have A Job To Do

The world seems to be heading into a period of rapid change, pain and chaos. This is affecting every employee under our watch. Some of your people have gone dark, others are riddled with anxiety while some are literally hanging on by a thread. Under these conditions...

December 9, 2022|

A Leader’s Greatest Nightmare

When I was 9 my dad took us, 5 kids, on a weekend camping trip to Buttle Lake, Vancouver Island. It was a bit too cold to swim so dad came up with an adventure plan. In this valley the mountains literally rose right out of the lake, but behind the campsite there was...

October 14, 2022|

Foundational Leadership Values

Foundational leadership values? Are you confident that they are clean, good and will serve not just your interests but the interests of those you serve? Many leaders simply get swamped with the day to day and as a result do not have an up to date values foundation...

October 6, 2022|

The Will To Fight

I recently went down a rabbit hole researching the USA military analysis and basic handbooks on the human factor… the will to fight. It appears that this could be one of the most important factors for war while at the same time one of the most overlooked. If...

September 15, 2022|

Be Bold – Dust Off Your Plan

In my neck of the woods the weather is turning and a new season is starting to show its colors.    These seasonal transitions are great moments to ask ourselves questions about where our life is going. Do you currently have a clearly defined goal, target, mission...

September 10, 2022|


Good day: Once a month we are gathering folks for a ZOOM think tank: Switchback Innovation TEAM meeting. The foundational question we are fascinated with is: “How do large organizations like the US Forest Service shift/transform their culture...

August 23, 2022|

Save A Life: LISTEN

Here is a story for the ages. When my colleague/friend described this moment you could almost cut the air in the room. It was so thick with wonder. As a Canadian west coast production Hand Faller he and his buddies were used to very challenging...

June 24, 2022|

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