Part 2 – The Intervention

It’s January 13 and as the saying goes, the Power of Success is in TEAM. On January 11th, I posted the Switchback GOLD Letter about not having landed on a word/goal for the year. At the end of the article I asked if anyone would like to share their word or might have a suggestion for me.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

My email lit up with replies. There are some real Golden nuggets in the emails from our group. I just loved reading and responding to each person, some of your replies were literally 3 words, others a detailed crafted response.

One person suggested I adopt her current plan and dedicate the whole month of January to the discovery of the “word” or in her words the “BIG GOAL” for the year. Also with her big goal she plans on chunking it out into smaller more manageable pieces.

The minute I read this idea I loved it and implemented it into my plan.

In our Switchback consulting work we help solve complex problems by often taking a step behind the veil and studying the frameworks or systems that are running behind the scenes. It usually boils down to making an adjustment in either the technical systems or the human systems.

My “STILL NO WORD” is a perfect example of this dynamic. My time frame, (technical system) was too tight and the brain power, (human system) was limited to just me.

Realistically by the end of January with the new time margins and the ideas coming from the team I will have a high quality word for the year.

Happy New Year…

Apparently I get to keep saying this for another couple of weeks

Steven Falk

P.S. Don’t forget, People Can Change and The Power of Success is in TEAM

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