It’s Time To Shake It Off!!

It’s time for me to shake off the winter/covid cobwebs and find me some pizzazz, a little vitality, glitz and glamour.

5 years ago witnessing young people lounging in the middle of the day scrolling on their phone I HUFFED AND PUFFED with internal indignation. “How is it possible that they can waste a whole afternoon doing nothing?” 5 years later there has been full scale adoption for the lifestyle of scrolling away an evening, afternoon, weekend. Gone are the days of PIZZAZZ. We have even coined and given value to a new term binge watching.

Way Back In 2009 I Was 45 And In Career Flux.

To move forward with our new business, the new emerging Switchback, I was going to have to lay down a number of other significant developed opportunities: private practice counselling, flipping houses, running a food truck just to name three. Like winter blues or covid fog the crossroads put my brain into a funk. And then someone very close to me (…my wife) noticed my mental health condition and challenged me to paint.
I had never painted before (and haven’t since that season) but the thought intrigued me. For our anniversary she bought art supplies and canvas and off I went. This was all happening in my “spare time,” you know the time we now spend scrolling. In six months I had painted 110 canvases, had left paint splatter in most corners of the living room and surprise surprise had pushed through the season of change.

I think it’s time for me again, and possibly you to shift some of our “spare time inactivity” and get some piz·zazz /pəˈzaz/ happening.

So my friends, join the resistance and get your pizzazz on. I wonder what it will be this time?

Steven Falk

P.S. Don’t forget, People Can Change and The Power of Success is in TEAM

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