Registration – Spring Workshop 2020


Two Day Workshop


Date:  April 8-9

Time:  9:00am to 4:00pm both days

Location:  Royal Colwood Golf Club
629 Goldstream Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada V9B 2W9

Notes: Lunch is not provided.

A two day interactive workshop to integrate the unique tools of Switchback into your life and career: understand your thinking, manage your memories, develop your team and become a switched-on leader.

April 8-9, 2020
$500 USD
July 22-23, 2020
$500 USD
November 18-19, 2020
$500 USD


Victoria BC, Canada

Your brain is fascinating.  It is your greatest resource. It is your greatest opportunity.

Join other leaders and professionals for this two day group workshop developing a new thinking operating system.

Outcomes of the 2 Day Switchback Foundation Workshop

  • mental toughness (effectively focusing your energy in making successful decisions and wise choices)

  • self-awareness (knowing and developing personal capacity)

  • situational awareness (knowing and understanding your neurological processes as a person, managing your responses under stress)

  • enhanced application of critical thinking and assessment skills for troubleshooting

  • learn new and effective communication tools

  • recognize and develop human capital

  • build success through the power of team

  • create and strengthen team resilience

  • vision and strategic awareness (understand the target, know individual capacities, articulating skills for success)

  • transforming challenges into future possibilities

  • creative innovation and adaptability to meet challenges of your work environment

Paul has 25 years of experience in the areas of coaching, mentoring, and leadership development.  He has worked with educators, international leaders, first nation’s communities and families. Paul believes people can change. His passion is seeing the corporate world advanced through the personal transformation of their employees. He is  highly engaging.

Alex is from Victoria, Canada and has over 30 yrs of experience in an advisory / consulting role with business professionals. He has owned 3 businesses & is a great motivational speaker. Alex has a passion to help & see people succeed. He always finds time to mentor & has been a promoter of Switchback’s belief that people can change.

“Our organization had to grow to the next level but we had defaulted into a ‘warrior culture’: understaffed, overworked and departmental fatigue. We couldn’t expand without changing our culture.  Switchback On-Site Training and Consulting worked with us at every level and gave us the tools and thinking to rapidly shift our culture.  Now we have built in capacity which has given us a long term sustainable successful culture.” Dave VP

  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently with world class execution
  • Meet targets by dealing with issues
  • Build future competencies and capacity resilience
  • Build team throughout the resolution process
  • Become experts at solving complex issues
  • Maintain and grow organization culture during upset conditions
  • Achieve actionable, measurable actions

Compare Training Options

 Benefits/ContentOutcomesActionsPrerequisite3 Half Days of
Group Training
Private One on One13 hr PD Credits
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Self awareness
- Self regulation
- Resilience
- Understand your own thoughts, stored memories and reactions
Personal resilience action planNone
Advanced Implementation
(Onsite or Virtual)
--> Team- Situational awareness
- Team reactivity
- Improved collaboration, bias and reactions
-Systems team thinking
Team action planFoundation
--> Leadership- Situational awareness
- Leadership and team regulation
- Understand your leadership style, bias and reactions
-Systems team thinking
Leadership action planFoundation
--> Organizational Culture- Strategic thinking
- Organizational resilience
- Organization transformation
- New world view capacity to think big picture
-Multi-year implementation
Culture action planFoundation
--> Personal
- Focused problem solving- Quick and efficient re-alignment Personal Action PlanFoundation
Keynote Speaking
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Custom tailored
- Entertaining
- SwitchbackOS introduction
- New vision for growth
- New insight into baseline organizational health
Personal Take awayNone
Leadership Retreats
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Step away reflection
- Team comradery
- Strategy analysis
- New fresh focus
- Aligned leadership
- Sharpened targets
Personal Action Plan
Organizational Action Plan
2 Day Foundation Public Workshop
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Self awareness
- Self regulation
- Resilience
Understand your own thoughts, stored memories and reactionsPersonal resilience action planNoneTwo DaysNone12 Hours

Focus on your role as a leader

This training is an opportunity to focus on your role as a leader, work towards your objectives, develop team strategies, and adjust vision and plan in light of the targets you have set for yourself and your organization.

Switchback can improve your business success. Our proven system with our belief that people can change and that the power of success is in team has aligned us with amazing businesses and leaders.

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