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Culture is Foundational

How does an organization build and maintain: world class safety, innovation, collaboration and business success? By making the success of it’s people a foundational priority.

SBOS executes the targets, training and analytics that transforms individual mindsets, creates turnarounds within departments and builds and sustains healthy high performing cultures. 


How many employees does it take to spoil a work culture or leave a negative impression on your customer?  That’s right, just one.

Build individual resilience
  • Flexible on-site group trainings
  • Powerful and engaging delivery
  • Foundational cognitive behavioral change
Establish New Culture
  • Immediately scale company wide
  • Sustains culture growth and retention
  • Available on demand across all devices
Understand Your Team
  • Powerful, quadrant pulse for “thinking” data
  • Trend your questions year over year
  • Engage your people in what matters most

Information is not the answer, rather it is the implementation of information that moves the culture dial.

Actionable data from your people answering your questions.

SwitchbackOS is designed to break through the noise and help you understand, retain and recall mission critical, foundational human factor tools.

Our unique approach empowers and energizes staff and employees to explore, engage and embed the Switchback Operating System. Information in a PowerPoint slide deck will struggle to shift mindsets. Stop missing the target and build a comprehensive plan to strengthen and transform your organizational culture.

What sets us apart? SwitchbackOS offers a new profound look behind the veil into some of your deepest thoughts, beliefs and motivators.  Why work hard and continue to fail trying to change the symptoms when you can road map right into your foundational thinking and core values: individually, within departments and the culture of your whole organization. Your team can benefit from a new Operating System. Choose SwitchbackOS.


Your organization can leverage custom tailored pulse surveys, track e-learning for continuing education credits while focusing on your mission critical culture issues.  The data segregates, averages and trends the information into meaningful visual reports that become the foundation for crises and long term strategic and tactical planning.

Pulse Surveys and Reports

Start testing the power of the SwitchbackOS Pulse Survey through your personal membership : As an individual member you get to join our global family and participate in weekly pulse survey questions, plus learn how to understand and analyze the metrics and data through weekly reports.


Your organization leverage the platform products and services and the live, on-site group training and consulting.  Imagine tying together culture tracking software, e-learning professional leadership development and on-site training and consulting. One relationship, one set of targets, one detailed culture reporting process.


Key Learning Outcomes Within the Suite of SwitchbackOS Training and Consulting

  • Resilience Training and Analysis
  • Mental Toughness Training and Evaluation
  • Self Awareness Training and Evaluation
  • Situational Awareness Training and Evaluation
  • Meta Cognition Training (new ways to think about your thoughts)
  • Neuroplasticity Training (changing how your brain responds to stress)
  • Memory Storage Work (resolving trauma memories)
  • Self Regulation Tools (you are your best monitor)
  • Human Factor Systems Analysis
  • Safety Culture Analysis
  • High Human Exposure Workplace Risk Evaluation Tools
  • HealthyThinking Strategies for High Stress Work Environments
  • Foundational Communication Tools and Metrics
  • Healthy Team Dynamic Training and Metrics
  • Functional Team Dynamic Training
  • Respectful Workplace Training
  • Building A Bullying Free Culture
  • Gender Equity and Tolerance Awareness Training
  • Communication Tools for Building Team
  • Communication Tools for Dealing with Conflict
  • Difficult Conversation Frameworks
  • Foundational Leadership Competencies
  • Leadership and Culture Building
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Incident Command Leadership Competencies
  • The Moral Foundation of Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Long Term Work Life Balance Evaluation Tools
  • Healthy Happy Retirement Transition Tool Kit
  • Workplace Strategies for Addiction Awareness and Support
  • Suicide and Active Threat Awareness

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Build and Sustain a Better World Class Culture with SwitchbackOS


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