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To add users, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hover your cursor on the USER/GROUP link on the menu and a drop down will show you the Manage User link, then click on it.

You will see a page like this one:

manage users

Step 2: Choose the method you want to Add users by clicking on either the Import button or Add button.


Import Users

To import the users table, click on the Import button, then a message will pop up informing you of how many more users that you can import. Next  click on the ok button to upload the file.

import users

You can load your users into a csv file with the following fields in this order: First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Email, Industry, Region, Department, City . Please don’t include a header row in the csv, you just need to put in the data and can leave any non-applicable fields blank.

Here’s a sample file: SBOS-User-Import-Sample-CSV


Add Users

If you choose to add users manually click on the Add button. A form will pop up on your screen. Complete the form with the user’s details, then click the Save changes button.

Add new user

User registered Successfully

After adding a user, the system will be automatically updated and the user’s details will appear on the list like in the picture below:

user added