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A quadrant report gives a full analysis on how the organization or an individual is performing. There are four quadrants and they can show results based on the campaign questions asked to several individuals, show averages and trends. The quadrant report can be downloaded as a PDF file or CSV file and analyzed separately.

To see the quadrant report, click and get your report analysis by following these steps”

Step 1: Hover your cursor over the Campaigns link on the menu and find the Quadrant report link and then click on it. You will then see a page similar to the image below:

Quadrant Report

Step 2: Select whether you want a report for an Individual, the Averages or the Trends.

Step 3: Select the question you want analyzed or you can leave it to All huge data report chosen.

Step 4: Choose the date from which you want the report to be displayed.

Step 5: Select the Department, Region and City.

Step 6: Download by clicking on Download Report Chart if you want a PDF file or click on Download CSV Report if you want a CSV file.

Types of reports:

There are three types of reports. These are the Individual Report, Average Report and Trend Report.

Individual report

The first report that can be viewed on the app is the Individual report. It shows how users have responded to survey questions. In this case they have chosen quadrant number 2. Here is an example of an Individual Report

Quadrant Report results pdf

Average Report

The average report shows that the number of average users has clicked in the second quadrant.

average report

Trend report

The trend report also shows that the number of average users has clicked on the second quadrant. Had they clicked elsewhere the trend report would tell us this.

trend report