Pulse Survey Response (Web)


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Notifications Button

When you log into your SwitchbackOS account and your organization administrator has sent out pulse survey questions you will see a notification highlighted in red.

app notification john doe

After clicking the Notification icon you will see this on your screen saying, “You got a new message”- highlighted in blue:

you got 1 message

Next you’ll see a 4 quadrant graph with a question in blue above.

users survey

You can answer the survey question by clicking on the quadrant where you want to plot your answer. The image below shows an example choosing a place in quadrant number 2 for the question, “1 year ago my best project was…”


After placing your dot, please press the Next button if there are multiple questions. If there is only one question or your reach the end of the questions please press the a submit button to submit the answer and you’re answer(s) will be received.