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There a way for you as an admin to see the statistics of the people who viewed and participated in the campaign and those who did not.

To see the Campaign stats, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Hover your cursor on the Campaign link on the top menu to find the Campaign Manager link and click on it.

You will be taken to the Campaigns Manager page where you will see all the campaigns in Switchback.

In this case there’s one campaign called Social Campaigns that we created. In your case you might have different campaign title.

On the far right of the campaign title you will see two buttons, just below Action. There are two actions you can on the Campaign, you can either Edit it or Delete it. The Edit button is the one colored in Sky Blue and the Delete button is colored in Red. Click the Delete button only if you want to delete the Campaign.

Step 2: Click on the Edit button to see the Stats of all the users who responded to the campaign

After clicking on the Edit button, you will be taken to the page that looks like the image below:

You will see the Stats section below the campaign section.

The Stats section shows you the Statistics of user who responded and the ones who not.




You will see a Pie Graph on that stat section with two colors. The red color symbolizes the number of users who responded in Percentage. While the Blue color symbolizes the number of pending responses.

You will see two subtitles on the Stats section, the #Number of Views and the #Number of replies

If you hover your cursor on the Pie Graph you will see the number or people who replied highlighted in red and the number of those who did not reply highlighted in blue.

#Number of views gives you the percentage of people who viewed the campaign. In this case 2 people viewed the campaign, this makes 66.7% of users who too/viewed the campaign, is colored in red.

#Number of replies tells you the number of people who replied to the campaign. In this case 1 person did not view the campaign, this means 33.3% persons did not view the campaign and did not replied, that’s the color in blue on the Pie Graph.