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24 Online Video Modules
  • Setting targets
  • Mental Toughness
  • Understanding thoughts
  • Managing memories
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Building Team

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Switchback Foundation Course

The 3 Success Killers of Entrepreneurs

Reactivity to Stress

Insufficient Systems

Not Enough Team

Topics and Benefits

Accelerated learning and understanding of your brain’s abilities and liabilities. 

Skip the heavy lifting by leveraging our 10 years of face to face client content development. 

Master one language that applies to your whole life. This is a one stop resource for your professional and personal development plus a deep insight opportunity to see into your team at work and at home. 

Become a thought leader within your sphere of influence. People are searching for answers, bring the Switchback thinking to your team and advance your status.

Have others identify you as the “voice of reason” in the middle of the upset condition.  Becoming the voice of reason is not reserved for a specific personality trait but rather a learned, neurological discipline.

Advance your career through new “behind the veil” insights into your own and your team’s reactions to triggering stimulus through the SB Brain and Memory X modules.

Gain a new level of peace of mind by identifying memory triggers and the limiting beliefs connected to the triggers.  Crush their independent sabotaging power through a practical step by step process.

Stop the negative spiral of blaming others and jumping to negative conclusions through the power of understanding how your brain stores and processes long term stress through the 6 Profile Modules.

Root out the foundational causes of your addictive impulse challenges. Don’t you want to know why you are looking into your fridge at 12:45 in the middle of the night?  The fridge is offering you a short term pleasure escape from your pain that you can heal and learn to outsmart through the Addiction Module.

Wake up every morning with a fresh view of the day after a peaceful sleep knowing that you are rebuilding your life one step at a time.  Recognizing and valuing which way you are trending is a powerful foundation for building lasting momentum through the Aim High and Target Modules. Attract a stronger more supportive team around you by developing expertise with the Switchback communication modules.  

Did you know that many people completely miss out on the richest levels of communication due to a lack of knowledge, fear or due to past failure?

Gain new levels of self esteem.  Stop embarrassing yourself in public by your over reactions when startled, confronted or just unfiltered stupid talk.

With the new Switchback Operating Systems go back to your bucket list and re-engage in the opportunities you gave up on: relationships, skills, interests…  

Become more successful in your personal and professional life by setting clear performance targets and by working towards these targets with the full suite of Switchback Operating System tools.

Turn off the hamster wheel that has been ruining your peace of mind by shifting your negative memories off the wheel and into your greatest resource for success, your prefrontal cortex.

Build a new team with your old friends and enjoy the upgrade of rich, meaningful engagement.

We are all close to an opportunity for breakthrough.  Your brain will gain a fresh chance to recognize, identify and execute on opportunities that you previously missed due to the “noise,”  brain chatter. 

By becoming convinced that you can change and you are not stuck in a box due to personality and past and present life circumstances you will gain a level of freedom to grow that will be noticed by your colleagues, friends and family. 

By leading by example you may actually unintentionally or intentionally “save a life.”  Serving and helping others is a very high calling that is very good for your brain, body and overall health.

Course Details

About Steven Falk

Steven Falk is one of two Founders and managing director and CEO of SwitchbackOS.   Steven is the author of the book “The Switched-On CEO, How to Think Like a World Class Leader.”  

Steven Falk developed the Switchback Thinking theory and tools over 25 years of work with families, individuals and business teams.  He consults in the executive offices of both public and private sectors and has established himself as a prominent voice in safety, leadership and personal development. As a speaker he delivers keynotes at conferences in North America and Australasia. 

Switchback Foundation training’s are delivered by Switchback senior consultants around the world – bringing individual and team success in companies and government agencies in Australia, Canada and the USA.

I am Steven Falk founder and CEO of Switchback Systems Corp.  Switchback, for the past 10 years, has been delivering onsite, multi-day training to Government Departments, heavy industry and private companies. What makes us unique and in demand is our dynamic ability to communicate, on a flip chart, the complex issues of shifting and healing the destructive patterns of  flight/fight thinking and reactions. This alive and fluid process captures the hearts and minds of leaders in the moment. Our IP was instantly adopted by high human exposure industries like logging, mining and wildland firefighting. For them building capacity and competency with our tools is deadly serious and saves lives.  Because what we teach is transferable from a neurological safety thinking foundation to leadership development, entrepreneurial success and personal and family happiness our client list continues to grow as we help build high performance leaders and teams.  

Our theory, methodology and systems have been vetted by the US, Canadian and Australian Governments so you can be confident we are offering high value that is not replicated easily by competitors.

Why this course is important for you.

By this stage in your life you will be familiar with the complex patterns and habits in your life.  Some are great and help build your success others simply do not. SwitchbackOS will safely and effectively polish and develop your talents while foundationally dealing with inefficient patterns and habits.

After peeling back all the layers and noise – the foundational reason for your challenge is rooted in your thoughts, memory storage and ability to manage irrational reactions like anxiety, anger, isolation and fear.

Let me try to explain using a picture of a valley surrounded by mountains as a metaphor for your brain.

It’s like your successful, healthy and functional memories are hanging out together down in a valley, having a good time, communicating with each other and delivering consistent success in most areas of your life.  And then, sometimes without warning, something triggers your brain and you switch operating systems from this valley of memories working together to a new operating system up the mountainside that is exclusively based on trauma memory storage.  Now this particular trauma could be historical, or current, real or perceived, internal or external but the main point is your brain has switched operating systems. 

Imagine that these trauma memories are not stored collectively on the rich and fertile valley floor where success can grow and flourish but rather are stored in independent, isolated and hostile cracks and caves way up a cold, unfriendly mountainside.  We call these storage caves “memory vaults” and when you switch and neurologically land on one of these memories stored way up the mountain you are in trouble.

We believe this switch is the root cause of most human induced suffering in our world.  It’s good people in the heat of the moment making really bad decisions based on memories stored in vaults independent from your typically strong decision making leading to your success.  I have dedicated my profession, along with our team, to build a step by step guide that gives people like you an opportunity to take control back from these memories and literally transform how you respond to stress, difficult people and triggers.  

We have been delivering this message in live training to high levels of Government, industry and communities with fantastic results.  After one of our multi-day step by step trainings we usually have a line of people asking, “How can my wife access this training? She is lost in very dark thinking” or “I need to introduce my brother to your program, his thinking is way up the mountain and trapped in addiction” or “How can my CEO get a hold of your training?  We all witness her “switch” but I think she is completely unaware of it and how it is affecting the whole organization.”

Bottom line: every memory is stored and the good old saying, “forgive and forget,” is just not true.  You can forgive but you cannot forget. What you can do is choose where you store your memories. Memories stored in the mountain caves and cracks can be lifted out and moved! 

This is an earth shattering reality that most people do not know, understand or leverage to their advantage even in the slightest.  The hardest memories, currently the landing pad for your worst limitations, can be moved down the mountain and managed, healed and assimilated into your great source of stable, successful thinking down in the valley.  This can neutralize their destructive influence.

Over a career and lifetime we all end up with these independent trauma memories – we call them memory x’s – which are stored in the caves and cracks.  Just think, when you retire, your brain will lose the day to day stress distractions of work and guess what happens next? Those memory X’s that are locked and blocked and managed through avoidance will attempt, one by one, to make your life a living torment.  Why do you think some people only last a couple of years of retirement before dying. Why do you think people repeat the same mistakes in business, in relationships, with their finances – over and over again. It’s not your team of memories down in the valley that are making these strategic and tactical errors.  It is your irrational thoughts and reactions based on your memory X’s.  

Peaked your interest?  Tired of the hamster wheel of predictable results based on the same patterns of reactive behaviors?  Ready to invest in yourself, your own brain, your own memory storage systems? Ready to embark on a journey that will change not just your life but every life that comes in contact with you?  This could be the big PIVOT in your career, your family line, your core identity.

Just so you know where this is all coming from, let me fill you in on more of my story.  My parents were convinced that I was a very gifted and talented child. Their hopes were high and then were dashed when I failed to thrive in school due to undiagnosed learning challenges.  This “school trauma” started the collection of memory X’s in my brain. Thank God I was blessed to be part of a loving family and extended family that had high moral standards and a collective code of conduct that kept me on the straight and narrow even though my own impulse control was severely compromised by my ongoing failures and consequently memory X collection.

The pivot for me was team, first my family and then Karen, who took a chance on a “diamond in the rough” and married me in our early 20’s before I and my memory X’s could create long term complications.

With this team and more love and support I ended up achieving academic success, against all odds, and emerged a unique, highly efficient and trustworthy family therapist.  For 22 years Karen and I raised our 4 children, ran our own business and enjoyed living in the community my grandparents pioneered when they were starting their families. Do you see a theme emerging, the power and the need for team?  As the seventeenth century English author John Donne coined, “no man (woman) is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.”  

I was a unique therapist because of how my brain struggled with some functionality while thriving in other areas.  If you were a fly on the wall you would witness laughter and tears all in the space of a session while you observed us, clients and practitioner, huddled over the coffee table drawing diagrams to bring understanding and meaning to complex multi systemic challenges.  For me I had a gift which gave me the ability to interpret life through lines, circles, pictures and X’s and O’s. My session notes look more like a playbook for football than clinical documentation. But those diagrams, they worked, people’s lives were transformed, relationships restored, families rebuilt. Twenty two years of diagramming complexity built the foundation for what I am sharing with you right now.  

This is when it really started to heat up.

In 2009 a large forestry company on the West Coast of Canada who happened to have its timberlands head office in my town had a deep serious issue.  Through their commitment to safety they had applied their knowledge and understanding to try to stop the run on fatalities and injuries but were not able to achieve the board of directors and senior executives mandate of, “everyone comes home safely, every day.”  They had just experienced another near fatal accident and were at their wits end as to what to do. 

They convened a meeting to discuss what to do.

Like the magic when Karen said yes to marrying me and how this transformed my life this moment was yet another pivottable moment. Just so you understand, these moments always have a backstory.  It is important to pay attention to the small story lines in your life. The backstory in this case was the director of safety of this large company happened to have his son on the ice hockey team that I was coaching and had witnessed the “family therapist who draws diagrams to solve complex problems” work wonders with his son and teammates.  

Right now by reading this letter you are also entering into one of those stories that could alter your life forever.

Most likely you are on your phone scrolling through this letter wondering if this is too good to be true or what’s the catch or what else is Steven Falk up to.  These are all fair questions but the truth is I’m a very normal, salt of the earth kind of guy who is married, has 7 grandkids, lives in the house we built when we were 32 years old in the small community that my grandparents settled.  

Like the moment I am about to describe, I believe in my deepest conviction that this could be your moment as well.  There is no hidden agenda, no big upsell, no secret handshake. Just solid, proven step by step relief from the hidden, private torment that is right now waiting for the right stimulus trigger to sabotage your success.  Remember, as a therapist, people told me their deepest, best kept secrets of shame, habits, addiction … so hang on, stay engaged we are almost finished the story.

The director of safety stopped the meeting and pitched a unique idea, “How about if we give my kid’s hockey coach, who happens to be a family therapist a chance to weigh in on our problem?”  The leaders agreed and in June, 2009 I was invited to their board room for a deadly serious meeting of minds. For 1.5 hours they described every detail of this most recent near fatality. Then they stopped….. all eyes on me and asked a simple but profound question, “What are we missing?  What don’t we see?”

I took a  piece of paper that was on the boardroom table and like the past 22 years of my career started drawing a diagram. The diagram mapped out the valley floor, we  call the front of the brain and the mountain sides, we call this the flight/ fight mountains or the back of the brain. Then I started to demonstrate how a good worker who was committed to doing safe and productive work ended up making 14 decisions that were not part of his front brain operating systems but rather based on his back brain operating systems and how this was all possible due to the logging culture of ego and aggressive men who were, as a whole, unaware of their memory storage and how this was affecting them in the heat of the moment when they needed front brain thinking the most.  

The room exploded.  Swear words bounced off the walls, grown men held their heads in their hands and started to confess, “It’s like you just read my mind … you just described my last fight with my wife … it’s  the same dynamic … we do this in our manager meetings …our workforce does this every day when they lose their cool. We didn’t even know about the switching of operating systems until just now.”  

The meeting finally ended and I started to walk down the hall to sign out at reception when the director of safety commanded me to stop.  He walked up, clearly in an upset condition and pinned me against the wall by pushing my shoulders back with his hands. I’m no small guy 6 foot 1 and weighing in at 200 lbs but in this moment the power was not his size or physical strength but the mission and calling that was blazing in his eyes.  Looking straight into my soul he said. “Steven do you not realize what just happened?! Did you not see the reaction?! I know that you can be easily distracted but this is something you must focus on. Go home, tell Karen your life as you know it is changed forever. You are going to build what you just drew in our boardroom on that piece of paper into a training and eventually into a program.  We are your first clients and our company has over a billion dollars in revenue per year. When you are ready we will introduce you to the world. This will save lives, this will change how we lead, this will transform sectors.”  

This letter you are reading is my sincere, much kinder appeal for you to stop. Stop and consider.  This is a pivot moment, continue on the current path or stop, think, have a talk with yourself and choose a new path.

Who do you know that lands a billion dollar company as its first client?

Shaken to the core I went home and talked with Karen.  I then withdrew and asked the question, “Why me?”. There are multitudes of people who are potentially more polished, more connected, more qualified, have PHD’s and do not struggle with basic fundamentals like spelling.  Why me? 

Then I recalled a motto, “If not us, who, if now now, when?”  And so we went to work.  

Our message is now reaching Government and business leaders around the world.  Our teams travel week after week from the boardrooms of powerful people to the remote work camps of tradespeople.  Our message hits hard, speaks truth, is understandable, relatable and transformational. 

Remember the staff member who just finished one of our multi day training sessions who asks, “How can my wife, brother, CEO get access to your material?” 

We answered this earnest request with the course we are offering you today. 

And now you get to be that wife, brother or CEO. The opportunity is in your hands.

I live the tools you are about to be introduced to… everyday.  I have personally, with the help of team, moved so many back brain X’s that today Karen will stop me in the hall wrap her arms around me and whisper, “I continue to love who you are becoming, thank you for marrying me, thank you for working so hard, thank you for loving me and our family,  you are a changed person.”

Come join the team and sign up for the course. Who knows what this pivot will produce in your life and the lives of those you work with and those you love.

Thank you for your consideration.


Steven Falk