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Your training needs are unique.  Our core training frameworks are proven and effective. Contact us to discuss.


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Building a New Thinking Workforce

Mental toughness – Effective teamwork – Happier Workforce

“Our organization had to grow to the next level but we had defaulted into a ‘warrior culture’: understaffed, overworked and departmental fatigue. We couldn’t expand without changing our culture.  Switchback On-Site Training and Consulting worked with us at every level and gave us the tools and thinking to rapidly shift our culture.  Now we have built in capacity which has given us a long term sustainable successful culture.” Dave VP

Frequently Asked Questions

.  What kinds of On-Site training does SwitchbackOS deliver?


  • 3 Day Multi-Level Certificate Trainings (continuing education/ professional development credits)
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Custom Tailored Training
  • Keynote speaking


  1. Who benefits most from On-Site Training and who should we target first?
  • Executives
  • Managers/supervisors
  • Developing leaders
  • Boots on the ground workforce
  • New young workers
  • Stakeholders


  1. What is a typical training time, agenda and group size?
  • Group size can vary from 8-24
  • Each training level is 3 consecutive days broken into 4 hours of group training each morning and one-on-one consulting in the afternoons
  • This training methodology is very effective for retention, integration and adoption while giving participants the ability to stay caught up with day to day business during the afternoons
  1. How is On-Site Training executed?
  • The SwithbackOS team will come to your site
  • You book the room (usually an on-site horseshoe seating pattern with tables)
  • You gather your participants
  • We deliver the training / facilitation


  1. How does SwitchbackOS integrate your specific issues and challenges?SwitchbackOS Baselines
  • SwitchbackOS leads with its clear metric-focused foundational understanding of world class organizational health and functionality. While we are laying this foundation and building individual and organizational competencies, we are also actively integrating your stories, challenges, desired outcomes and targets.Correlate and Visualize
  • Together we integrate Switchback’s Operating System and your site-specific issues by recording the data clearly through the diagrams of the Switchback Operating System.  This intersection of Switchback thinking and your organization’s issues is powerful and life changing.

6) What are the On-Site Training overall objectives?

  • We make your world a better place by shifting organizational cultures towards healthy, functional, sustainable targets. We do this by delivering a human factor, high performance operating system that is easy to understand and adopt.  Switchback thinking and tools are effective and applicable from the boardroom to the boots on the ground and can be fully applied in both work and home environments.
  • SwitchbackOS delivers fresh thinking and tools to build safety, mental toughness, respectful workplaces, and high functioning teams resulting in healthy functional cultures.
  • Our on-site trainings are 3 day events combining the unique power of group sessions and one-on-one private consultations. We are committed to strengthening your personal and team resilience while converting your late adopters, resistors and rogue members and departments into team players. How many people does it take to spoil a work culture?  Only one. We are committed to reaching that one.

7) What are the overall benefits you can expect from SwitchbackOS On-Site Training?

  • Increased safety results through self and situational awareness and increased mental toughness, specifically during upset conditions
  • Increase in teamwork
  • Improved leadership
  • A more resilient, nimble workforce
  • A workforce that takes personal responsibility for their own safety, quality and production while watching out for each other
  • Reduction in employee negativity and an increase in skill acquisition in training initiatives
  • Increased professionalization of the workforce
  • Increased communication skills, reducing miscommunication, misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Positive momentum that will transfer to other programs and initiatives

8) How can we plan and book trainings?

Your organization can book individual trainings one at a time, or we can build together a multi-year training program. A program will give your organization priority booking dates and the assurance that your preferred pace and training targets are met on time and on budget.

9) How does the pricing/cost work?

SwitchbackOS day rate for 3 day Certification Trainings:

  • North America west of the Mississippi River: $5,500 USD per day
  • North America east of the Mississippi River: $6,000 USD per day
  • Australia/New Zealand: $6,500 USD per day (min 9 training days per tour)
  • British Columbia organizations please contact us for regional discounts
  • Other countries and regions please contact us for pricing

Pricing includes: 2 Senior Switchback Consultants, their travel and expenses plus the Switchback programing.  Pricing does not include the training venue and subscription to the SwitchbackOS Platform.

Keynote speaking or special requests for key personnel within Switchback: i.e. Steven Falk CEO/ Founder, please contact our sales/booking desk.

Through evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us for the training/coaching and express a desire for their families to be able to participate in a Switchback training.

“evaluation feedback 96% of participants thank us…”


Whether at home, work or in the community Switchback Leadership insight, skills and tools will:

Increase your self and situational awareness.

Build resilience and mental toughness.

Help you understand the complexities of team and how to motivate for change.

Revitalize your leadership core values, mission and strategic plan.

Encourage you to aim high with your leadership goals.

 Benefits/ContentOutcomesActionsPrerequisite3 Half Days of
Group Training
Private One on One13 hr PD Credits
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Self awareness
- Self regulation
- Resilience
- Understand your own thoughts, stored memories and reactions
Personal resilience action planNone
Advanced Implementation
(Onsite or Virtual)
--> Team- Situational awareness
- Team reactivity
- Improved collaboration, bias and reactions
-Systems team thinking
Team action planFoundation
--> Leadership- Situational awareness
- Leadership and team regulation
- Understand your leadership style, bias and reactions
-Systems team thinking
Leadership action planFoundation
--> Organizational Culture- Strategic thinking
- Organizational resilience
- Organization transformation
- New world view capacity to think big picture
-Multi-year implementation
Culture action planFoundation
--> Personal
- Focused problem solving- Quick and efficient re-alignment Personal Action PlanFoundation
Keynote Speaking
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Custom tailored
- Entertaining
- SwitchbackOS introduction
- New vision for growth
- New insight into baseline organizational health
Personal Take awayNone
Leadership Retreats
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Step away reflection
- Team comradery
- Strategy analysis
- New fresh focus
- Aligned leadership
- Sharpened targets
Personal Action Plan
Organizational Action Plan
2 Day Foundation Public Workshop
(Onsite or Virtual)
- Self awareness
- Self regulation
- Resilience
Understand your own thoughts, stored memories and reactionsPersonal resilience action planNoneTwo DaysNone12 Hours