Company Administrator Manual









On the Dashboard you will find the following icons:


Find all the e-learning modules offered by SwitchbackOS.

Notifications- If you have a message it will be displayed on this link.

Profile – All your personal details can be found and edited on this page.

Community – To connect with our community click on this link and join the Facebook group.

Resources – Find any resources on the resources link.



information relating to Switchback. Click on the image to download the content onto your device.



The Campaigns link has three types of links – Campaigns Manager, Question Manager and Quadrant Report. These pages will help you create your campaigns, add or remove questions related to your campaigns and see the analysis report through the quadrant report.






The Users/Groups will show you a list of all users in the system. Users can be added in the system using two options. They can either be added manually or they can be imported through a csv file.




The User Logs into the system

Now that the user has been added successfully, they can login and take the survey questions. When the user logs into their Dashboard, they will see the message notification.



On the back-end, the Switchback team will see the results. To see if any user has responded, a Notification highlighted in red will be shown in the dashboard next to the notification icon. The image below shows that there is one user who responded to the survey.

SwitchBack notification

In this case it shows that there is one user who responded. If there were many users who responded to the questions, the number would be greater than 1.




To log out of the Switchboard application, click on the Logout link on the menu.


How does the Switchboard app work?

The Switchboard app helps users take e-learning courses online including creating campaign surveys, create users, groups and analyze data reports.


Who is the founder of Switchboard?

Switchboard was established by Steven Falk, who is the founder and developer of Switchback.


Who can use Switchboard?

Switchboard can be used by organizations and individuals who want to conduct surveys on their performance.


How do you sign on Switchboard?

To sign up on the Switchboard app – download the app. If you are using a mobile device, you can open this up to sign in on the registration page. If you are using a desktop/laptop computer you can visit the official page of Switchboard on your browser and click on the sign-up page and complete the form then submit your details.


How do you find e-learning course on the Switchboard app?

Firstly, you need to login in and then click on the E-learning icon/link to find the modules offered.

What resources does Switchboard have to help users learn?

On the Switchboard app, users can find many resources in the form of free e-books, videos, mp3 files, images and more, which contain information related to the e-learning course/modules.


Can I download the resources to my device?

Yes, all resources can be downloaded so that a user can read or learn in their spare time, at home or at work or just about anywhere they feel comfortable.

Who can use Switchboard?

Switchboard can be used by organizations and individuals to help them improve their annual performance.


Does Switchboard have a mobile app to help users learn?

Yes, Switchboard has a mobile app which can be found in the App Store.


What kind of mobile operating system can be used to run the Switchboard app?

The app can run on any mobile device that has Android or iOS.


What is the main goal of Switchboard?

Switchboard aims to assist the staff members in organizations to find a common language and give them thinking tools.


How many courses can I enroll in?

You can enroll in as many courses as you want. These can be found through the E-learning link on the dashboard when you login into the system.


How many minutes does a module take?

There are short modules like the 5-minute modules and then there are modules of up to 60 minutes, which you can watch through the E-learning page.


How can I contact the Switchboard team?

You can contact the Switchboard team through their Facebook group found on the Community link on the main menu.