4 Quadrants Diagram: Photos and picture

This diagram is useful for evaluating the dynamics of a team, and to ascertain what it may need in order to improve.  Quadrant 1 is a team high on rules, habits and structure but has little sense of collegiality.  Quadrant 4 is a team high on being warm and friendly; a buddy-buddy kind of place, but is low on adherence to the structure or habits needed to provide predictability and stability.  Quadrant 3 is nicknamed chaos because this kind of team is near to disintegration or imploding.  It has little to no sense of watching out for others or ‘having their back’.  It also has little adherence to the existing structures, habits or mores needed to provide productivity or purpose.  Quadrant 2 is the spot that describes highly effective teams.  This kind of team enjoys synergy, efficiency, safety, enjoyment and stability.  It is the kind of team most resilient to absorb change, because its members are least likely to switchback to back brain thinking.  It is also highly attractive. It exerts a gravitational pull on others.  Think of a sports team that’s doing so well that other players of the league want to switch to it.  It is likely a Quadrant 2 team, that is not only winning, but also having fun.  This kind of team knows what their effective habits and rules are, but the members also look out for one another.  In short there is a high degree of buy in from everyone.